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U.S. Golden Age Aircraft Registrations Library

The Golden Age Aircraft Registration Database contains aircraft registered between 1921 and 1939 in the U.S. civil registry. The database provides a number of search algorithms, allowing you to search for a specific N-number, by manufacturer and/or by aircraft model. Thus it is possible to search on NC1234, or Waco or Waco QPF. There are approximately 32,000 entries covering this period.

Planned enhancements include linking to the photo library to show an image of a specific aircraft (or a similar model). If you see a camera shown in the search result listing, clicking on it will present the image.

To find an aircraft registration (enter ALL or PART of the registration number)

           Reg. No.
  [examples: 12345, 325E, or a partial number 25E. All occurrances will be returned]

Or, search by make and model:

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