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Literature Finding Aid

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This is the initial implementation of a tool intended to help researchers and hobbists find published material sources for various aircraft makes and models. The AAHS plans to continue to expand this tool toward the goal of having a fairly comprehensive database of source material.

This release covers a wide collection of periodicals and books covering the period of 1954 to 2017. We have AAHS member Tom Butz to thank for this Hureculean effort of cataloging his personal collection and providing this information to the Society.

Search (39,000 records - February/1/2021)

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Search Guidelines:

  1. You may search on any field or combination of fields available search fields are shown in the form above).
  2. Caution using just the Manufacturer.  For example, you could end up with a large list of drawings by specifying just "North American".
  3. The search algorithm is not case sensitive, i.e. North and NORTH are equivalent in the search string. 
  4. An example in brackets [ ] is shown below each field