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AAHS Journal Volume 1 (1956) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
Introduction to AAHS Larkins, William T. 2
Survey of Lockheed Orion History Johnson, Chalmers A. 4
Introduction to the Vultee V-1A Larkins, William T. 7
National Guard Aircraft Types (Table) 10
Knight Twisters Registered in U.S. (Table) 11
Problem No. 1--The Home Builts 12
Only one Remaining Production Aircraft 26
Aircraft History of the National Guard Larkins, William T. 27
National Guard Squadrons--1921-1941 (Table) 30
An Early Attempt at Sea-Air Rescue Nye, Willis L. 33
Negative Deterioration Larkins, William T. 36
Jenny Jottings Strand, Frank 39
Civilian Lockheed Vega "Ventura" Modifications Smalley, L.S. 41
Life and Times of the 357th Fighter Group Olmsted, Merle 43
U.S. Civil Aircraft Accidents (Table) 47
Sequel to the Ryan C-1 Story 48
The Golden Eagle 51
Correspondence 53
Problem No. 2--Manufacturers Names 63
Stinson Reliant Model Designation List (Table) 64
Report to the Membership 65
Only one Remaing Production Aircraft 67
Aircraft History of the National Guard Johnson, Chalmers A. & Olson, Douglas D. 68
Nation Guard Aircraft Types (Table) 71
Aircraft Stamp Collecting 72
Notes on Wright Field Photos Canary, Jack D. 73
Jimmy Doolittle’s 1932 Laird 75
Naval Aircraft Construction 1923-1929 76
Official Performance Test of Fokker Monoplane D-VII Equipped with 110hp Oberusel Engine 82
Unofficial Aircraft Names Brown, Ralph I. 84
Correspondence 95
Aircraft Purchased By The Navy Dept. 85
The "K" of New Haven (Photos) 99
Characteristics of Special DH-4 Airplanes 87
Air Service DH-4 Types (Table) 86
Notes on Some of the Aircraft on Display at Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Mich. Sept/1954 Warren Bodie 103
Scale Plastic Kits Deward B. Gresham 105
Curtiss JN-4H Modified, Bellanca RE-3, Vought V-143 (photos) 106
The "K" of New Haven Kohn, Gregory C. 104
Life and Times of the 357th Fighter Group Olmsted, Merle 107
National Air Race Photo List Alexander J. McRae, Jr 112
Fuselage Registrations 113
U.S. Civil Aircraft Accidents (Table) 114
Secretary’s Report 116
Air National Guard Units--1956 (Table) 117
Boeing Parade of Progress (Genealogy) 119
Development of National Aircraft Insignia for the USAAF and USAF 1915 to 1956 John C. Durand 120
U.S. Civil Aircraft Accidents (Table) Howell, Alan 128
Pioneering Arctic Airways Barry, Joe 129
Secretary’s Report William T. Larkins 132
Replica Fokker Triplanes Bowers, Peter M. 133
Boeing P-12E Restoration Maloney, Ed 134
Fleet Air Concentration--1935 Riley, William A. Jr. 136
Naval Air Units--San Diego--1935 137
Aircraft of the 1914-1918 War in U.S.--1956 Strand, Frank 138
Jennies, Standards and Cannucks Bowers, Peter M. 145
McCook Field P-Numbers 147
Preliminary Listing of U.S. Civil Aircraft Operated on Twin Floats--1927-1956 (Table) 158
Jennies, Standards and Cannucks Strand, Frank 159
"Devil Dogs of the Air" 161
Stearman--1926-1933 Smalley, L.S. 162
Unofficial Aircraft Names Brazelton, David H. 165
Correspondence 167
Civil Registrations Peter M. Bowers 170
More Wright Field Negative Numobers 181