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CHALLENGES The following multiple choice or matching quizes are designed to test your knowledge of American aviation history. Have Fun!  
What Is It?
This single aircraft quiz is a doozy. You'll REALLY need to know your early American aircraft for this one. Check back periodically - we update this quiz regularly.
UNCOMMON AIRCRAFT This quiz is designed to really test your aviation history knowledge. The aircraft in this quiz consist primarily of one-off, experimental, and lesser known aircraft.
COMMERCIAL AIRLINES This quiz is intended to test you knowledge of commercial airlines. This one is a matching quiz - 10 Airlines, 10 Choices.


Think you know your WWII fighter aircraft? Try this matching quiz - 10 Fighters, 10 Choices.
WWII BOMBERS Think you know your WWII bomer aircraft? Try this matching quiz - 10 Bombers, 10 Choices.
GOLDEN AGE AIRCRAFT Here are 10 Golden Age aircraft; some common, some not so. See if you can identify all 10.
TOP 10 Here is your opportunity to vote on the top 10 American aircraft that have made the most significant contribution to aviation technology.  
  Denotes difficulty. The more stars (), the harder the quiz.