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Information for Authors

     While every effort will be made to safeguard submissions, AAHS assumes no responsibility for the loss of materials.  If original photos are of precious nature, it is suggested that duplicate prints be furnished.

    Journal articles are accepted from AAHS members only except in instances where the editorial staff solicits a journalistic piece of meritorious quality.  All articles must have an American flavor.  For example, American personnel or planes in foreign service or foreign planes or personnel in U.S. service are acceptable.  Not accepted are articles unrelated to American aviation.

     A particular subject should not normally be longer than two parts.  Exceptions may be made where the subject matter has outstanding merit.  Ideal manuscript length for a single insertion is 30 pages double spaced (15 pages single spaced) including references, etc.  For style and form consult recent Journals.

     Please include brief author's biography written in third person, together with author's photo.     Please contact the editor if you have any questions.