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This is an online archive of the Aircraft Year Books published by the Manufacturer"s Aircraft Assoc., Inc. (1919-1921) and Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of America Inc. (1922-1960s). The Aircraft Year Books are an excellent primary source of information for researchers of aviation history. Although the books are not particulary rare, it can be difficult to obtain access to the books, in particular the early issues, and it can be quite expensive to buy an entire set. Because of the value of the information that the books provide, and due to the difficulty of obtaining access to these books, the AAHS is providing e-book versions that are searchable with the AAHS Website search engine. So if you are looking for a specific topic, the search engine can help you find the issue(s) in which it appears. Not all of the books are available online at this time. A link is provided for the books that have been posted.