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AAHS Journal Volume 2 (1957) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
Thirty Years of Lockheed Vegas Johnson, Chalmers A. 1
Japanese Evaluation of a Captured Douglas DC-5 Bueschel, Richard M. 36
Pity the Poor Beginner 38
U.S. Built Aircraft Recently Appearing On Foreign Civil Aircraft Registers (Table) McKay, D.A.S 40
Aircraft Produced At U.S. Naval Aircraft Factory 54
A Mustang Takes Off and an Era Ends Reed, Boardman C. 55
Aircraft Purchased By The Navy Dept. 61
U.S. Civil Aircraft Accidents (Table) Howell, Alan 70
First Korean Kill of the USAF Reed, Boardman C. 72
Replica Curtiss Pushers Bowers, Peter M. 75
Report of the Navy Dept. of Aircraft on Hand, Nov. 1919 (Table) 79
Aircraft Purchased by The Navy Dept. 82
It Pays to Advertise--in Advance Bowers, Peter M. 86
American Aircraft in Europe Kohn, Gregory C. 87
Wichita Fokkers 88
TWA Consolidated "Fleetster" Crash Report 90
Johnny Livingston’s Cessna Racer Weaver, Truman C. 91
Report on Aircraft Surveys, Air Service Aircraft Accepted, Delivered or on Order April 6,1917 to Nov. 1919 (Table) 94
Report of the Post Office Dept. of Aircraft on Hand, Nov. 1, 1919 (Table) 96
Junkers Mail Planes in U.S. Air Mail Service 97
Air Mail Service Aircraft--1936 (Table) 100
Vegas in Antarctica Barry, Joe 101
Official Performance Test of Spad XIII Equipped With 220 Hp Wright Engine 104
Brazilian Civil Aircraft Register-1938 (Table) 111
E Suffix Register 114
Notes on the U.S. Army Model VE-7 Airplane Nye, Willis L. 118
Restoration Can Be Death to History Hardie, George Jr. 121
General "Hap" Arnold’s Model Plane Exhibit 122
1928 Canadian Civil Register (Table) 123
British Recognition Journals 124
U.S. Civil Aircraft Accidents (Table) Howell, Alan 137
McCook Field P-Numbers 139
Thirty Years of Navy Markings Larkins, William T. & Riley, William A. Jr. 143
Comments on the Loening M-1 Two Seat Fighter Nye, Willis L. 176
What Size Photo Do You Take? 178
Aircraft on Exhibit in the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA Frank Strnad 179
The OX-5 Club John Sloan 180
Comparison Between Some U.S. Navy Airplanes of the 1930s 181
Statement of the President to Membership Warren D. Shipp 183
How to Bind Magazines and Books Sloan, John 184
Curtiss Pusher Replicas 190
World War I Photo Page Bowers, Peter M. 191
Northrop-Vought Fighter, The Bodie, Warren M. 194
USAF Central Museum, The Greene, Frank L. & Sommerich, Gene 197
Aircraft Photo Page 200
Plans and WWI Articles in Model Airplane News R.T. Hood 201
Correspondence 207
Jenny Parachute Drop 207
Curtiss Pusher Replicas 208
Chronological List of All Aircraft Produced by Boeing Airplane Co., Wichita Division, and Predecessor Steraman Aircraft Co. (Tab 213
Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Hills Hardie, George Jr. 224
Details of Regular Air Britain Publications 228
35Mm Color--A New Trading Medium Shipp, Warren D. 231
Some Notes on Monocoupe Types (Table) Gann, Harry S. Jr. 236
P-6A is No More, The 241
The Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand 242
37th Attack Squadron’s Coffee Grinder 244
World War I Photo Page Bowers, Peter M. 245
Notes on the 1936 Air Corp Winter Maneuvers 247
An Ode to Crissey Field 249
Aviation Book Club 250
U.S. Civil Aircraft Accidents (Table) Howell, Alan 251
WWII British Aircraft With American Insignia Reed, Boardman C. 252
Hindenburg Versus TC-14 254
History of Hollywood in Aviation, The Rhode, Bill 260
Movies Featuring Aviation (Table) Rhode, Bill 260
Bibliography of WWI Motion Picture Material Frank Strnad 264
First Official List of Civil Aircraft Regist. 265
Correspondence 268
8th Air Force Markings (Correspondence) 270
President’s Message Warren D. Shipp 273
P-51 Sqdn. Codes, Kills, and Names, England 1945 Smalley, L.S. 274