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America's Local Service Airlines
by David H Stringer

Following WWII, the government encouraged the establishment of local service airlines with the intention of bringing air service to small and medium sized cities across the country. This book covers the lives of the 13 local service airlines that were created to provide this coverage.



AAHS Ball Cap

Show your colors while protecting your head and eyes from the sun during your next air show adventure, available in dark blue or tan (please specify which in notes when ordering).



Douglas Commercial Prop
AAHS Photo Archive Series

Douglas Commercial Twin-Prop Liners covers the DC-1, DC-2, DC-3, and DC-5 series aircraft with over 120 high resolution images. These select images come from the AAHS photo archives. Resoultions are sufficient to allow photographic 8x10 prints.



Lockheed Constellations, Part I
AAHS Photo Archive Series

Lockheed Constellations Part 1 focuses on primary and secondary air carriers (A thru P) operating L-049, L-649, L-749, L-1049, and L-1649 series Connies. Containing more than 130 high resolution images, this collection of images from the AAHS photo archives provides a unique look at this magnificant design.



Lockheed Connies in Color
AAHS Photo Archive Series

This collection of color photos of Lockheed Constellations displays some of the many airline liveries worn by this great aircraft design through out its career. The 70 plus photos are split between mainline carriers and second tier operations that continued to operate the aircraft long after they had been replaced by jets as primary transports.



Lockheed P-38/F-5 Lightning
AAHS Photo Archive Series

This collection of over 100 images documents the Lockheed P-38 family. From the development of the XP-38 and Y-38 thru all models as well as the photo reconniassance F-5 versions. Also include in the set are a group of miscellaneous photos relating to P-38 operations and testing



Curtiss Transports
AAHS Photo Archive Series

Curtiss Transports covers the Robin, Condor, CW-20 and commercial operators of the C-46. With over 120 high resolution images this CD makes a unique addition to the collector's library.



Boeing Propeller-Driven Commercial Transports
AAHS Photo Archive Series

While known primarily for their jetliners, Boeing produced a number of ground breaking, propeller-driven designs. These include the Model 40, 80, 247, 307 and 377, each representing a tecnology step forward at the time of introduction. This CD contains over 120 high resolution images gleaned from the AAHS photo archives.



Golden Age Commercial Flying Boats
AAHS Photo Archive Series

International air travel in the 1920s and 1930s was dominated by flying boats and American designs were at the forefront. This Photo Archive Series presents a collection of more than 120 high resolution images of the significant players in this field. Included are the Boeing 314 Clipper, Martin's M-156 & M-130, Sikorsky's S-38, S-39, S-40, S-42, S-43 and VS-44, Curtiss Commodore and Douglas Dolphin.



AAHS Coffe Cup

Promote the AAHS while enjoying a cup of your favorite brew. These 8 oz porcelain cups have the AAHS logo on opposite sides.


AAHS Journal Back Issues

The American Aviation Historical Society has contracted with APT Collectibles to be the distribution agent for AAHS Journal back issues.  This move has been done to facilitate ordering and distribution of back issues to members.  Please click on the link below review availability and ordering of Journal back issues.

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Black & White or Color Prints
The AAHS Print Service allows members to obtain photographic prints from the AAHS photo collection to support research projects and to expand personal collections.  Photographic prints or digital images may be ordered through APT Collectibles.  Members should search the online Image Database for specific aircraft of interest. At present, orders cannot be placed online. Please download an order form, complete it and send it along with payment to APT Collectibles.

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