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CHALLENGES The following multiple choice or matching quizes are designed to test your knowledge of American aviation history. Have Fun!  

What Is It?

This single aircraft quiz is a doozy. You'll REALLY need to know your early American aircraft for this one. Check back periodically - we update this quiz regularly.
UNCOMMON AIRCRAFT This quiz is designed to really test your aviation history knowledge. The aircraft in this quiz consist primarily of one-off, experimental, and lesser known aircraft.
COMMERCIAL AIRLINES This quiz is intended to test you knowledge of commercial airlines. This one is a matching quiz - 10 Airlines, 10 Choices.


Think you know your WWII fighter aircraft? Try this matching quiz - 10 Fighters, 10 Choices.
WWII BOMBERS Think you know your WWII bomer aircraft? Try this matching quiz - 10 Bombers, 10 Choices.
GOLDEN AGE AIRCRAFT Here are 10 Golden Age aircraft; some common, some not so. See if you can identify all 10.
  Denotes difficulty. The more stars (), the harder the quiz.  



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