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American Secret Projects: Fighters & Interceptors 1945-1978
by Tony Buttler
Publisher: Specialty Press

39966 Grand Ave., North Branch, MN 55056

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Binding:  Hardcover Height:




Pages:  240 No. Photos:
 400 B&W and Color

It appears that the author has decided to become the leader in the area of unexposed secret and not-so-secret aircraft projects involving proposals for airplanes requested by the free-world's military forces. The in-depth written documentation, copies of plans and drawings of the proposals and the high quality photos of manufacturers’ models all point to years of research required for assembly and publication of this book.

This book gives the reader an insight into the process of development of airplanes evolving from a request by the Air Force or the Navy for a particular type, through the initial concept stage to the final presentation to the requestor. Presented in this book are designs of subsonic and supersonic fighters and interceptors, which were considered to have the potential requirements desired by the service making the request. The historian will note the gaps in the project numbering system indicating the large number of proposals that never made it past the initial look-see.

All-in-all, a most worthy book for the amateur as well as the professional historian.

Bruce Cunningham


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