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When Art Kept Em Flying
by Georges Grod
Publisher: Histoire & Collections 2010

5 Avenue De La Republique, Paris, France F-75541

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Illustration and painted imagery made up the bulk of propaganda, government communications, training materials and commercial advertising of WWII on all war fronts. Grod’s When Art Kept ‘Em Flying reviews the art, artists and the messages they so effectively presented.

Grod also makes efforts to describe to the reader the mood and tone of the times that generated the propaganda imagery created by commercial companies that were helping the war effort. Additional chapters cover the significant magazines of the era (Colliers, The Saturday Evening Post, etc.), magazines created by aviation companies (Plane Talk by Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp.), as well as the comics and how they were used to promote a war-time message.

Grod introduces the reader to many significant painter-illustrators of the time, providing a biography and sample of the artists’ work. The 60-plus pages aren’t comprehensive, however. Norman Rockwell is noted in the ‘Women in Aviation’ chapter for his wonderful ‘Rosie the Riveter’ cover of the May 1943, Saturday Evening Post, but doesn’t get a write up in the chapter on illustrators. Comic artist Al Capp, creator of the ”Li’l Abner” series, among others, who provided significant contribution to war-time comics isn’t mentioned.

Georges Grod brings to the printed page a wonderful collection of WWII aviation art, some of which is well known and others that are not. His Annexes provide lists of popular war era magazines, filled with fabulous artwork, as well as war era brands that used this art form in advertisements.

A great book for the WWII art collector and a fun read.

Jerri Bergen


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