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Harnessing the Heavens, National Defense Through Space.
by Paul G. Gillespie & Grant T. Weller, editors
Publisher: Imprint Publications

, Chicago, IL

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The USAF Academy Association of Graduates sponsored a series of stimulating and advanced thoughtprovoking essays written by national defense scholars presented during the 21st Symposium. It was aptly titled “Harnessing the Heavens,” National Defense through Space. Such noted authorities as William E. Burrows, Dwayne A. Day, Asif A. Siddiqi, Roy F. Houchin II and others provide essays that introduce readers to a fascinating insight into the history of military space and lunar programs from the Cold War era to the present.

Four sections introduce; Space and the Cold War, giving the foremost motivations for the U.S. military to operate in such a hostile environment, Doctrinal Faith Strategic Dimensions of the War Fighter and Space, U.S. Space from the “Other Side of the Fence,” and Technological Change and the Transformation of American Space Power. The book’s title suggests “dry, boring tech talk,” but the essays are easy to read, providing great insight into current U.S. military space projection and revelations that will surprise many. For example, Dr. Siddiqi reveals that the Russians illegally orbited an operational FOBS (Fractional Orbital Bombardment System) that they decommissioned in 1983. A similar 1959-1960 dated U.S. proposal was Martin-Bell Dyna Soar team’s enlarged nuclear weapons delivery Dyna Soar and an automated orbiting nuclear weapons unit called the Orbital Bombardment Station or System.

Boeing proposed fully operational Dyna Soar boostgliders parked within orbiting “Space Garages,” ready to be manned should hostilities occur between the two foremost military nations on earth.

Investing in “Harnessing the Heavens,” and a documentary DVD entitled, “Astro Spies,” will provide one with new insights into military space history and current thoughts on advancing the space warrior concept.

Dave Stern


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