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Flying from the Black Hole
by Robert O. Harder
Publisher: Naval Institute Press

291 Wood Road, Annapolis, MD 21402

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This is the story of B-52 operations, both during cold war nuclear missions, and combat sorties over Vietnam. It is told by the author who trained and flew these missions as a Strategic Air Command B-52 combat crew navigator. As a former navigator, he writes with a unique perspective. His view of bombing operations is one that has not been as widely known to the press and the American public. As such, his story may seem to some as politically incorrect. However, it also is written by someone who obviously has,”been there, done that.”

The story starts with an easy to understand brief history of multicrewed bombing aircraft, and how aircraft bombing techniques were developed. The author then covers his own personal training and introduction to the Boeing B-52. Next, he covers SAC cold war nuclear B-52 operations, followed by the use of the B-52 in Vietnam. He describes how SAC initially resisted the assignment of the BUFF to combat operations within Vietnam, and how they were eventually used as airborne heavy artillery in support of ground forces. Finally, he covers Operation Rolling Thunder. This operation involved the use of B-52’s against strategic targets in North Vietnam. The author claims that these missions were responsible for finally bringing the fighting in Vietnam to an end.

This is an excellent, well written, and well-researched book that you will not be able to put down,

Paul Butler


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