1956 - 2021, Celebrating  over 65 Years of Service

USN, USMC Two-Seat Skyhawks, Naval Fighters Number 82
by Steve Ginter
Publisher: Ginter Books

1754 Warfield Circle, Simi Valley, CA 93063

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This book covers the Douglas TA-4F, EA-4F, TA-4J and OA-4M. All began life as the TA-4E but as modifications were developed and incorporated, each was redesignated, depending on the modifications. They became the TA-4F, EA-4F, TA-4G, TA-4H, TA-3AR, 7A-4J, TA-4K, TA-4AKU, AF-1A ,OA-4M, TA-4PTM and TA-4S/SU.

The author does a superb job of describing the configurations and functions of the TA-4F and the many variations and functions of the conversions. Thirty-four pages of drawings, sketches and views from basic structure to cockpit configurations to standard and special equipment installations provide exceptional coverage for the amateur as well as the expert model builder.

It is possible that one would have to locate the particular Douglas Erection and Maintenance Manuals to be able to find more information than this book contains.

The remaining 120 pages, the author provides information and excellent photos of the squadrons to which these aircraft were assigned, including dates of assignment as well as squadron insignia drawings for identification.

All in all, an excellent, well documented publication well worth becoming an addition to the military aircraft data collectors library.

Bruce Cunningham


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