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Shattered Sword
by Jonathan Parshall & Anthony Tully
Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.

23841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, VA 20166

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The authors have assembled data that depicts the actual events leading up to and resulting in the naval battle – the Battle for Midway - that led, eventually, to the defeat of Japan.

As noted by the authors, the presiding “common wisdom” of historians and writers of articles and books about this battle are fraught with errors, myths and misconceptions. The authors’ use documentary evidence to disprove these misunderstandings. Nine pages of bibliography contain a list of historians and their publications, and references official U.S and Japanese documents, private papers and correspondence.

The authors are meticulous in their pursuit and publication of the truth while dispelling the myths and rumors which have been accepted as gospel for the many years since the June 4, 1944, battle in which Japan lost four of their finest aircraft carriers.

This reviewer feels that the authors have accomplished precisely what they set out to do, that of correcting and /or disproving the preconceived and long maintained errors and misconceptions about the battle, some minor, some miscellaneous, some major, held by those who may have relied on incorrect or misunderstood writings.

Those historians who are truly interested in the major events involving the U.S. and Japanese Navies in WWII would do well to study this book.

Bruce Cunningham


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