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Curtiss Fighter Aircraft , A Photographic History 1917-1948
by Francis H. Dean and Dan Hagedorn
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310

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Pages:  384 No. Photos:

The authors have an outstanding publication documenting the rise and eventual demise of Curtiss fighters. The chapters follow the evolution of Curtiss as a producer of fighters utilized by both the Navy and the Army Air Corps. The authors describe the many variants of all the Curtiss fighters and the challenge presented to provide the services with the best product available. Items such as the relegation of Curtiss to provide Republic P-47s give a view of Curtiss products not competing with or not being viewed favorably by the military.

The photos are well captioned and although the book has no index, five annexes describe all Curtiss fighters and their variants as well as locations and assignments of production batches. There are also four pages of notes.

For those aviation buffs interested in the development and history of U.S. military fighters this book certainly fills the bill. Definitely recommended.

Robert Brockmeier


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