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American Combat Planes of the 20th Century
by Ray Wagner
Publisher: Jack Bacon & Company

, Reno, NV

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Mr. Ray Wagner, a noted aviation historian and researcher, has applied his considerable knowledge of American combat aircraft and methodical, thorough research techniques to exhaustive use in the development of this formidable reference volume. The book is an excellent reference resource for the aviation-oriented, as well as researchers interested in identifying American combat aircraft. The title of this book aptly describes the contents; all American combat aircraft built for the Air Force or the Navy are identified (excluding trainers, reconnaissance and transport aircraft), providing aircraft characteristics and production details. Wagner also details foreign aircraft bought for American military use.

American Combat Aircraft should be a must-have item on any aviation historian or scholarís reference shelf, as it is arguably the most complete identification of this genre of aircraft. Mr. Wagner made use of materials and historical documents such as test pilot logs, foreign country archive materials and military documents recently de-classified. Mission information, aircraft characteristics and its use (or lack of use) in combat is provided, as well as the factors that instigated further design modifications. It has plenty of photographs as well, many which have not previously been published.

Mr. Wagner provides a final treat for the serious researcher; for every chapter he provides a helpful listing of additional resources, in addition to a complete index. The book, although intimidating at first glance, is a wonderful resource as well as a great read.

Jerri Bergen


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