1956 - 2021, Celebrating  over 65 Years of Service

Aviation Museums and Collections of North America
by Bob Ogden
Publisher: Air Britain (Historians), Ltd.

41 Penshurst Road, Leigh, Tonbridge, Kent, UK TN11 8HL

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Pages:  608 No. Photos:
 B&W photos, maps

Each territory, province or map begins with a map with numbers representing the locales of collections identified in the book. Each collection is identified with an address, telephone, admission fees, if any, email, if available, and general location of the museum (example, for the 408 Squadron Museum, in Alberta, Canada. Location is given as ‘About 10 km north of the city’).

A brief history of the airfield, collection, buildings and/or founders is provided for each collection, giving absorbing details into the beginnings of these aviation treasure houses, as well as significant expansion efforts. Both color and black-and-white photos are sprinkled throughout the text, giving a taste of the breadth and variety of aircraft types housed in these collections across the continent. The aircraft listed for each collection is fairly up-to-date.

The book is an excellent reference resource for the aviation-oriented, as well as researchers interested in hunting down and visiting a particular aircraft type. One note of caution, if you are looking for the collections in a particular museum, you need to know either an airplane type (‘Christian Eagle I’, for example) housed in the collection, or the location of the museum itself to find it. There is no museum/collection index proper, only the aircraft-type index. However, organized by province/ state, this book would make a delightful companion to those interested in traveling to a particular region and finding all the aviation-related collections available.

Jerri Bergen


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