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The Lockheed Constellation
by Peter J. Marson
Publisher: Air Britain (Historians), Ltd.

41 Penshurst Road, Leigh, Tonbridge, Kent, UK TN11 8HL

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Pages:  592 No. Photos:
 100 Color, 500 plus B&W, 70

Those fortunate enough to have seen the Lockheed Constellation in flight will likely agree that there are few airplanes that can match its grace and beauty. A book matching the Constellationís beauty and uniqueness has now been published by historian Peter J. Marson and Air-Britain, both long recognized for their high-quality publications.

Are high-quality color and black and white photos your special interest? How about 600+ of them, many not published before and wonderfully reproduced on quality glossy paper with interesting detailed captions. Are you a modeler or airline enthusiast? Michael Zoeller has created 70 color line drawings that include a fascinating variety of color schemes worn by Connies and the appendix includes detailed descriptions of the airline paint schemes. Ever wondered what it would be like to pilot Constellations? Peter takes you on flights with various models including an EC-121 over the Gulf of Tonkin in 1968. Want to check a specific Connie that you have seen, photographed, or flown in (lucky you)? A 130 page production history provides a detailed history of each of the 856 Connies produced. Details of each military unit assignment, upgrades and modifications, civilian owners, and accident details. For example, Pan Am 749 N86530 enroute LaGuardia to London hit by a Cessna 140 just aft of the flight deck tearing a 15 ft hole in the roof and not surprisingly, Peter includes a photo of the damaged Connie on the same page.

There are sections detailing all of the Constellation civil and military operators, the conversions, the variants, record flights, names worn by Connies, films they appeared in, and stamps that featured them. There is also advertising material, timetables, and other military and airline memorabilia. A foreign and U.S. registration/constructorís number cross-reference index is included. I canít imagine an aviation enthusiast being disappointed with this book. Highly recommended.

Bob Parmater


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